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dog rescue bloom healthy

It Matters To One

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If you’ve been coming to Bloom for very long, you’re probably well aware that Dr. Ward’s top passion…right next to naturopathic medicine….is dog rescue. 



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Today we are talking about Probiotics. This is one of my favorite topics because we are obsessed with talking about the gut here at Bloom. As a naturopathic doctor, I…

testosterone for women

Testosterone for Women

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Hi I’m Dr. Amanda Ward, naturopathic doc here at Bloom. Today I want to chat about testosterone, but not for men, testosterone for women.

spring cleaning the healthy way

Spring Cleaning – The Healthy Way

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Since it’s Spring time, I want to talk about Spring cleaning for our bodies. Everybody is always shocked to find out how toxic all of us really are. They actually…

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Amanda Ward

Founded by Dr. Amanda M. Ward, ND – thousands of patients have discovered the life changing benefits of Bloom’s Natural Health advanced naturopathic therapies. The first Bloom Naturopathic Medical Center was launched in Encinitas, California in 2009. Today, patients all over the world can discover the benefits of Bloom’s proven advice and test-driven therapies to look and feel their best. Modern testing typically conveys major sensitivities and positive disease states.


Bloom Discovery Lab protocols go much further to test, interpret and inform patients of all sensitivities, imbalances, and deficiencies that are compromising your health. People often know about any major imbalances, food sensitivities and allergies. It is often the minor issues that build up over years compromising our quality of life and longevity. Bloom Discovery Lab tests are typically followed by physician-assisted detox, rapid nutrient replacement and followed by oral nutrient supplementation as needed.


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